Thursday, December 7, 2017

Michael’s Miracle Marathon Team Supports the Lisnow Respite Center

An accomplished entrepreneur in the technology sector, Ryan Wuerch serves as founder, chairman, and CEO of Dosh, an app that helps users get cash back on everyday purchases. Alongside his professional activities, Ryan Wuerch supports organizations including the Michael Lisnow Respite Center in Hopkinton, Massachusetts where he’s personally raised over $350,000 in support for the Center. 

For the last two decades, the Michael Lisnow Respite Center has offered various emotional and physical support programs to help individuals and families living with disabilities. In order to continue its work, the center relies on donations and money raised through giving programs and events. Each year, volunteer runners raise funds for the center as part of the Michael’s Miracle Marathon Team. 

In 2017, 72 runners joined the team and raised over $590,000 for the Respite Center while running and preparing for the Boston Marathon. The center used the money to provide scholarships and more than 40,000 hours of respite-care services for Boston-area families. 

Entering its 19th year of running the Boston Marathon, the Michael’s Miracle Marathon Team is currently accepting pledges for 2018. The team is working toward a goal of raising $500,000 by the end of the 2018 Boston Marathon, which will take place Monday, April 16. To help the team reach its goal or learn about how you can run in support of the center, visit

Friday, October 27, 2017

The Miss America Foundation Holds Fashion Show Fundraiser

Based in Austin, Texas, Ryan Wuerch leads mobile application startup company Dosh, which helps consumers save money by receiving cash back from purchases made at more than 100,000 participating retail, restaurant, and lodging companies. A proponent of several charitable initiatives, Ryan Wuerch has also served for more than a decade on the board of directors of the Miss America Organization, a nonprofit corporation that provides millions of dollars in academic and community-based scholarships to young women throughout the United States.

The Miss America Foundation, the nonprofit charitable arm of Miss America, recently partnered with the esteemed Grayse fashion line to host a fashion show fundraiser for Miss America Organization scholarships. Lynn H. Weidner, the chair of the Miss America Organization’s board of directors, and Susie Spanos, the owner of the Los Angeles Chargers, organized the event. Former Miss America winners and contestants, as well as local stakeholders and pageant supporters, were among the attendees.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Dosh - Enabling Travelers to Access Cash Back on Purchases

Ryan Wuerch serves as the executive chairman, founder, and CEO of DOSH, an Austin, Texas-based company whose app and technology platform helps consumers and businesses get cash back. The founder of the company, Ryan Wuerch guided the launch of the Dosh mobile app, which offers users the opportunity to earn cash back while traveling. 

The app can be used when dining out, booking travel, shopping at retail establishments, or shopping online. After downloading the Dosh app and linking it to your debit and credit cards, Dosh searches over 100,000 brands and merchants for rebates and coupons that match your transactions, then puts the cash back in your Dosh wallet without the user having to do a thing. At that point, you can view your cash back easily through the app. Then you can transfer your cash back to a bank account. 

One benefit of the app is that it searches for cash back opportunities in real time. The benefit of this approach for those who travel light is that it does not involve scanning receipts, cutting coupons, or even presenting to app to a merchant when shopping. Dosh searches, finds, and deposits the cash back into the user’s wallet automatically. Travelers simply shop and spend as usual while they visit destinations across the globe and allow the cash to add up. Booking travel arrangements through Dosh also offers access to the best prices, plus additional cash back each night.

In addition, Dosh provides other services and features that include: 

-A streamlined cash-back process that includes no UPC scanning, receipt documentation, mail-in rebates, or promo codes. 
-The ability to donate to charities or transfer cash earned to a bank account or PayPal directly from the application. 
-A hotel-booking service that ensures the lowest prices and provides additional cash back. 
-Marketing tools for businesses that include consumer data analytics and insights designed to increase customer loyalty and enable targeted advertising efforts.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The New Cashback App Putting Money In Your Pocket

The New Cashback App Putting Money In Your Pocket

August 14, 2017
Dosh is the cashback app that wants to help you make money for making purchases. Founder and CEO Ryan Wuerch shares how he's making his vision a reality.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Hydration Demands for Running a Marathon

 A two-time Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Ryan Wuerch founded and chairs the board of DOSH. Outside of his professional endeavors, Ryan Wuerch enjoys running marathons

Preparing for a marathon involves more than just training your body to handle the rigors of the race. One of the most important things marathon runners need to monitor, both in the days leading up to and during the race, is water intake. 

Dehydration is a serious problem that can negatively impact your performance. Conversely, if you drink too much water, you can suffer from hyponatremia, which, in its most serious instances, can lead to brain swelling that causes seizures, among other life-threatening complications. A 2005 New England Journal of Medicine article showed that 13 percent of the participants in the 2002 Boston Marathon may have been affected by the condition. 

Hence, it is important to stay hydrated in the lead-up to a race, but to avoid drinking water when you're not thirsty. Do the same during the marathon. Most runners consume less than 16 ounces of water per hour when racing.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Five Basic Traveling Tips

Ryan Wuerch developed the Dosh mobile application with a focus on helping consumers and businesses by reducing the wasted spending on advertisements and transactions and transforming it into cash back for users. While leading the development of Dosh, Ryan Wuerch also focused on features that help travelers find the best hotel prices and also get cash back on the booking. After using an app like Dosh to save money on their next vacation, travelers should keep these general tips in mind before heading out on their big trip

1. Stay hydrated on planes. Planes can reach elevations of up to 30,000 feet, which can increase the risk of dehydration and altitude sickness. Long flights can be particularly prone to this, so drink plenty of water and go easy on alcoholic drinks. 

2. Take advice from locals. When looking for a place to eat or something new to do, talk to the locals to gather advice and identify popular locations or eateries. Locals can direct you to unexpected places and favorite places to eat beyond franchised chains and fast-food dinners. 

3. Embrace spontaneity. Fight the urge to plan every moment of your trip, and leave time in your schedule for unplanned excursions. Embarking on unplanned excursions can lead to new and exciting experiences that may become some of the best moments of your trip. 

4. Separate money sources. Avoid keeping all your money in one place. Find various hiding places in your luggage for your money, and make sure you stash extra cash in a hidden location for use in an emergency, such as a lost wallet. 

5. Pack accordingly. Pay close attention to the kind of weather you will encounter when traveling and pack accordingly. Bring sunscreen and light clothing to warmer places, and remember to pack coats, gloves, and layered clothing if traveling during the winter.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Dosh App Features

A technology industry veteran, Ryan Wuerch has been named to the list of 40 top executives under 40 and is a two-time winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. Ryan Wuerch, who has previous experience as the CEO of Motricity and Solavei, currently applies his expertise as the executive chairman and founder of Dosh. 

Dosh is a mobile application that went live to the public in April 2017 following private beta testing. Designed to maximize money spent by consumers, the application connects to debit and credit cards and automatically searches for relevant offers, then provides cash back. In addition, Dosh provides other services and features that include: 

-A streamlined cash-back process that includes no UPC scanning, receipt documentation, mail-in rebates, or promo codes. 
-The ability to donate to charities or transfer cash earned to a bank account or PayPal directly from the application. 
-A hotel-booking service that ensures the lowest prices and provides additional cash back. 
-Marketing tools for businesses that include consumer data analytics and insights designed to increase customer loyalty and enable targeted advertising efforts.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Dosh Partners With Applebee’s, Forever 21, and Other Brands

A talented entrepreneur, Ryan Wuerch has headed several prominent companies, including Motricity and Solavei. Currently, Ryan Wuerch serves as the chairman of Dosh, a fintech company he founded, which has developed market-first technology that includes a consumer app, mobile wallet, and merchant platform integrating a cash back offers ecosystem easily utilized through secured credit and debit cards.  The Dosh app helps individuals get cash back while they shop at their favorite retailers, restaurants, and hotels. 

Since Dosh officially launched at the end of April 2017, it has attracted some of the top brands across the U.S. Before and during beta testing, the company had formed formal relationships with more than 100,000 brands. Now that the Dosh app is available on both the Apple and Android app stores, the list of partners continues to grow with major retailers like Forever 21 joining the network. Forever 21 representatives stated that Dosh is capable of attracting new customers to their brand and building greater loyalty among existing customers. 

The app now boasts partners in the retail, restaurant, hospitality, and professional sports industries. 

Individuals can start saving today by downloading Dosh onto their smartphones and securely linking a debit or credit card. Users automatically benefit from brand promotions. For example, Forever 21 will offer 10 percent off all Dosh purchases during the first month after it joins the network.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Three Tips for Playing Golf in the Wind

The former CEO and chairman of Motricity, Ryan Wuerch now serves Austin-based DOSH as its chairman and founder. Beyond his professional duties, Ryan Wuerch enjoys playing golf in his spare time. Here are three useful tips for playing golf in windy conditions

1. Swing smooth – Avoid your initial inclination to swing as hard as you can at the ball in order to counter the wind, as this generates backspin that results in the ball falling short of its target. Instead, use a smooth swing using approximately 80 percent of your power to achieve a lower flight, thus lowering the wind’s effect on the ball. 

2. Watch the trees – Anticipate the direction the wind will pull your ball in by examining the tops of trees on the course. 

3. Be Risk Averse – Going for the riskiest shot every time will often backfire when playing in the wind. Always play for the largest parts of the green or fairway to avoid ending up in bunkers and deep rough.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Texas-Based Mobile App Dosh Secures Millions in Seed Funding

With more than 25 years of business experience, Ryan Wuerch divides his time between executive roles in the technology industry and in the nonprofit sector. Ryan Wuerch serves as the director of Epiphany International and the Wuerch Family Foundation, and he leads as executive board chairman at Dosh in Austin, Texas. 

Dosh exists for the sole purpose of helping consumers save their hard-earned money while enabling businesses to better reach their customers without wasting money on untargeted advertising. The app, which will be free to download at launch on April 25, scans the market for cost-saving opportunities, such as coupons and rebates. When a buyer completes a transaction, Dosh locates and applies any available offers on behalf of the individual, converts it to cash and deposits it into their Dosh Wallet. Users of the app also benefit from an expanding network of merchants. 

The more than 100,000 businesses on the Dosh platform will continue to grow thanks to recent seed funding. In 2017, the fintech company published news that it had secured $2 million from investors, bringing its total backing to over $6 million. The press release noted that Dosh has moved into private beta testing, and it continues to attract the interest of venture and private equity firms.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Golf 101: Hitting the Fairway Wood

The executive chairman and founder of mobile app company Dosh, Ryan Wuerch previously spent 10 years as chairman and chief executive officer of tech firm Motricity. Outside of his work with Dosh, Ryan Wuerch enjoys playing golf. 

In golf, players often use fairway woods 3 and 5 from the tee, particularly when they do not require the full strength of the driver. Fairway woods are also useful when hitting from the fairway, although the shot requires a high degree of technical ability. 

When setting up for a fairway drive, place the ball forward in your stance. This allows you to swing down on the ball and allow the natural loft of the club to carry your shot. If you make a divot slightly in front of the ball, you know that you have succeeded in swinging down on the ball. 

Before the swing, resist the urge to shift your weight back like you would with a driver. Because the ball is on the ground instead of on a tee, it is important to stay balanced on both feet throughout the entire swing.